3 Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts That Don't Suck

3 Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts That Don't Suck

Face it. Your dad was a legend.

A man whose hair was as untamed as his spirit. Whose indifference to societal norms was matched only by his disregard for the top two buttons of his shirt. 

This Father’s Day, check out these awesome gift ideas for dad from ElementiumLighter.com, and celebrate the legacy of the man who once legally changed his middle name to “Danger” with something a little more exciting than another coffee mug. 

Give it up for the GOAT.

1. PLAZMATIC X - From $34.95

Your dad was a fashion god. Prince of the plaid. Casanova of the cut-off. Is there any better gift for an unapologetic trend setter than our most iconic lighter ever?

This baby’s windproof, water resistant, and features a USB rechargeable battery that powers our ground-breaking dual heat beams. And like your dad, Plazmatic X dresses the part, with over 20 colors and finishes to choose from.


2. ECOBEAMZ - $34.95


Your dad was a smooth operator. A rug-cutting renegade who hit the club armed with nothing more than than a wide-lapelled polyester suit and a repertoire of moves that left onlookers stunned.

To make sure he keeps turning heads, get him an Ecobeamz lighter. It boasts a flip-up buttonless ignition system, and a slim zinc-alloy profile. And with a single heat beam that burns at over 900 degrees F, it’ll keep things hotter than your dad on the dance floor.



Your dad was king of the outdoors. Whether freezing his moustache off as he slalomed down a double-black-diamond, or basking in the savory smell of meat roasting over a campfire, this was a man who heard the call of wild and answered with a resounding, “Bring it on!”

The ECOSun Solar Charging Pack was designed to encourage this rugged sense of adventure. With its super-portable design, ability to power multiple devices, and built-in solar panel, the ECOSun will make sure that your dad will never be driven inside by a dead battery again.