Ganja Limited Edition Pure Spark Elite

Ganja Limited Edition Pure Spark Elite

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$ 30.00

Ganja Limited Edition Pure Spark Elite

In Stock
$ 30.00
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ONLY 150 made and it will sell out fast!

Featuring "Ganja" design on front and Plazmatic mascot on the back.


Functional and User Friendly

Functional and User Friendly - Pure Spark Elite's new cylinder design lets you get down into bowls and light up without having to struggle!

USB Rechargeable - Get up to 150 lights on one full charge. Never buy disposable lighters, wicks, or fluid again, helping you save money and the environment.

State-of-the-art Coil Technology
- Flameless, windproof, beard friendly and TSA approved! 5X thicker heat plate than the competition, giving you the most durability and maximum surface area to light your items.

Key Ring Attachment
- Keep your Pure Spark Elite safe from your friend's pockets with a new key ring attachment, great for attaching your lighter to keys, backpacks, and more.

LED Battery Indicator
- Lets you know how many uses you have left before you have to recharge the battery.

Watch Pure Spark Elite in Action!